Empower yourself with the resources you need to connect with your body, positively impact your community and feel the strongest you've ever felt.

Barre Eclipse isn’t just a workout: it’s a way of being, a community and a movement.

— Amanda Ruffini

“In addition to the physical benefits of your classes, the mental health benefits are just invaluable.

Some days are still a struggle for me, but since starting your classes (I think 2+ years ago now?) I have grown out of my body dysmorphia and I’m so grateful. I’m closer to self love and self acceptance than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s such a weight off my life.“

— Lara Campbell

“Barre Eclipse is exceptional value. There is no comparison out there, and I have tried many things!

Adrienne and Eric care deeply about their subscriber community and the quality of their work together. The barre classes are excellent and the production quality is phenomenal. Barre Eclipse is an experience and I am delighted to support such a lovely project.“

— Christine Quinley

“I have had no pain since starting your workouts and feel stronger than ever.

I started using Barre Eclipse app after a job change forced me to rearrange my schedule. I was going Strength and HIIT classes at a local gym 4 to 5 days a week. I was constantly struggling with Hip and Knee pain. Your app has truly been one of my best investments!“

— Kari Parker

“It is absolutely worth the money - you can’t get better quality classes and instruction in person.

I have tried many fitness apps, from Alo, to Yoga Specific, to others. Barre Eclipse by far exceeds the quality, knowledge, options and anything else a person could think of, than any other app out there. You are the best, Adrienne, and grateful you have your own app.“

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So who is it for?


You want to empower your community, and maybe lead your own barre fitness program one day.

You’re ready to stand out and get noticed for your skills as an instructor.

You want to nurture and strengthen your body with sustainable and effective functional workouts.

You’re ready to grow your self confidence and step into your full potential.

You’re seeking a form of exercise that truly resonates with you on a soul-deep level.

You wanna feel the burn doing addictive workouts to fresh playlists that are *never* boring.

Barre Eclipse is for YOU if...

Yes, please

Yes, please

Yes, please

And there are so many ways we do that!

We empower you to see fitness, health and success through a brand new compassionate lens. 

Hi, I’m Adrienne.

// Meet the founder

I could create a barre workout that was badass, athletic, musical, welcoming, nourishing and helped people have a truly healthy and empowered mindset about their bodies and their movement. So I created one… and you’re looking at it.

I had something special to offer the fitness world.

When I first created my method, there was NO online fitness world with body-affirming messaging in their classes (at least not that I knew of!). It was all about losing weight, being toned and changing the way you look on a surface-level.

Eric was the person that saw my inner potential, and wanted to help me share my message with the world. We knew that with my innate drive and unique ability to build community,

Back in 2020, my husband Eric and I created Barre Eclipse. It began as a humble weekly livestream for local students, and now we have a huge community around the entire globe. (I know, right?! Mind: blown.)

Way back before Barre Eclipse was even a little baby moon in the sky, my relationship to fitness culture wasn’t so clean-cut. I’ve had a long and winding lifelong journey with cultural beauty expectations, body-shaming, body dysmorphia and disordered eating… and the way that all of that is still so entangled with the fitness community is so disheartening to me.

I've taught barre and yoga for 11 years! 

– with Eric alongside me using his insane photography, videography and web skills to bring every workout to the next level of quality. Every class is infused with deep wisdom about energetic anatomy, functional and sustainable movement, and body-reclaiming language.

Barre Eclipse has evolved into an empowering collective space

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