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This is the power of having qualified Barre Eclipse instructors on your schedule — and no ballet barre is required for class!

Full classes, happy and empowered members that always renew their pass, instructors that stick around for years, and rave reviews from the community. 


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This unique partnership enables you to be hands-off if you want– we’ll do all the training for you (and so much more!). 

The best part?

Whether you own a studio, gym, fitness or recreational facility, you can offer reliable, high-quality barre classes with our Barre Eclipse Partnership Program. 

Start your partnership now and create a team of confident and energized certified barre instructors.

What’s included

Wholesale pricing for Barre Eclipse props and equipment to affordably outfit your studio or retail section

Resources to have a rock solid barre program that runs on autopilot

Marketing assets to make sure your barre classes fill up and your community is buzzing

Gain the skills to easily create fresh kickass classes infinitely

A support guide for mentoring your barre trainees if you want a hands-on approach

Help with instructor recruitment so you magnetize the right instructors to your community 

A minimum of 5 passes for our Barre Eclipse Online Certification (and more!) to train your staff at a deeply discounted rate

Offer your customers value with the highest caliber of qualified instructors and the best body-affirming barre classes on the planet.

Deliver empowerment
and excellence

Relying on one or two instructors is risky. If they leave, get injured or move studios, who will run your training? Take the guesswork out of your business and build loyalty with your team.

Take control

Save the money (and the hours!) you spend on constantly marketing, recruiting and mentoring new instructors– plus start to make more cash by offering high quality workouts that your members love.

Spend less

Stop wasting time recruiting, training and replacing instructors… and spend more time actually running your biz the way you want to.

Save energy

The Benefits

Are ready to make the fitness world a more welcoming and inclusive place

Want members to get addicted to your classes - in a healthy way!

Are looking for a way to attract new talent to their team

Want to inspire loyal community members to become committed team members

Need a reliable in-house training program that new instructors can start at any time

Have zero time to train and mentor instructors while running their own biz

Are looking for a way to stand out from their competitors

Need popular classes and instructors that keep students coming back for more

Our Partnership Program is perfect for studios or facilities that…

Who is this for?

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We’ll do everything we can to help you make your own Barre Eclipse classes a success. We’ll help with announcing Barre Eclipse to your community with newsletter and social media templates, pre-designed flyers and a WHOLE YEAR of social media copy and image prompts to advertise your barre program. Plus you get wholesale prices of our attractive barre props and equipment, so you can outfit your studio or retail section with minimal investment.

Full and successful classes

We’ll provide the entire training program for your instructor– but it doesn’t stop there. We also provide a comprehensive Training Guide so you can support your instructors and help with setting up and facilitating practice teaching. We give you all the advice you need to ensure your instructors succeed in training and step out ready to teach like a rockstar!

Training and
mentorship support

We’ll provide you with designed flyers, curated marketing materials for social media, a recruitment strategy calendar, email templates and handy guides to take the stress out of recruiting. 

Help with recruiting

How it works

They also get unlimited access to The Source, our unparalleled class planning tool for continuing education.


Your instructors will also get 3-month access to our app for on-demand Barre Eclipse classes for teaching inspiration. 


Your trainees can then start learning at any time! Once the training begins, each trainee has five months to complete the program and achieve their certification for NASM/AFAA continuing education credit. 


Check your email – within 24 hours, you’ll receive unique access codes to give to your chosen trainees.


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// Your questions answered

Good question. Barre is unique and profitable. It’s an addictive high intensity, low impact workout. It delivers a consistent workout, and it keeps students coming back for more!

Usually, it’s hard to find a high quality barre program unless the studio is a corporate franchise…but not anymore! You can offer corporate-quality barre from your local studio.

Barre Eclipse is a body affirming barre movement that is changing the fitness world for the better. In addition to being known as the best barre method on the planet (literally), we empower people to have a healthy relationship with exercise and their bodies. Our classes are fiery, inclusive, powerful, and often life changing.

Your instructors will not be able to teach barre after 1 day of training. A good barre instructor (even if experienced in teaching) takes a minimum of 5 weeks to cultivate the skill to teach a reliably challenging and empowering class. We suggest not wasting money on training that cuts corners and doesn't deliver results.

When you consider how much time it takes to find an experienced instructor to lead your training, recruit new instructors, and ensure the training is good and then hire, you’re likely putting in time that is valued way more than $2500!

The value of our Partnership Program is $11,475 because we offer 75% off our regular price per instructor, and it includes $800+ worth of bonus content for each instructor.

Ultimately, how much are you willing to pay to give yourself more peace, ease and space to run your business? Instead of worrying about training, you can manage the business from a higher level and bring more value to your staff and community.

Any business, nonprofit, or community center that offers fitness or yoga classes qualifies to become a Barre Eclipse studio partner– such as a studio, gym, fitness center or recreational facility.

No, you do not need any special props or equipment to lead effective barre workouts. You don’t even need a barre! All workouts can be taught using only bodyweight. Props and equipment are great for barre instructors who want to offer more creativity and variety in their classes, and guess what? You get wholesale prices for all of our barre eclipse equipment so you can outfit your space in an affordable way.

You have 12-months to access your Partnership Portal.

All sales are final. This is a wholesale price of our teacher training course, 75% off the original price. We recommend ensuring you intend to use all 5 teacher training codes before making your purchase. If you have less than 5 instructors, we recommend purchasing the online barre certification at $749.

— Diyana Muzafek

“It will be worth your time and money, really. Adrienne and Eric have paved the way, you just have to walk on it.

Know you are in good hands. You can just literally email them if you have any questions and they will get back to you ASAP. Definitely not a touch and go program. Highly recommended!“

— Anna Slater

“Definitely dive in - it is so worth it. This is the most comprehensive barre training programme out there that covers everything you need to teach a full and empowering class.

Adrienne guides you through each workout perfectly, to make sure we are able to teach our students to make them feel comfortable and understand what movements to do.“

— Danielle Hetherington

“Honestly, I have taken MANY trainings, online and in person, and I can say whole heartedly that this was THE BEST INVESTMENT!!

Eric and Adrienne created something so special, if you are on the fence- jump off it and dive into the Barre Eclipse training. You will not regret it.“

// Testimonials

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