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All prices are in USD, auto-charged to your card.
It’s super easy to cancel online if you change your mind!

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“I purposely switched from Alo Moves to your app when you started out with your own Barre Eclipse way of teaching.

The price wasn’t even in my thoughts, I just needed your workouts in my life. The best part for me is the way you incorporate your personal development teachings into your classes. Your little snippets of thoughts that you feed us. I have never found another workout platform where I love the music just as much as the workouts. Tried so many in the past and now would never switch.”

— Allie Chen

“So much more affordable and effective than a gym or any other class pass I’ve done! 

Switched from Alo to Barre Eclipse! Cannot keep up with the different number of workouts available, with a brand new one every week! So much more affordable and effective than a gym or any other class pass I’ve done! ”

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It’s a high intensity, low impact workout that builds deep strength, endurance and coordination. Barre Eclipse classes use empowering language, amazing music and spicy-yet-accessible moves to keep you engaged for the entire class.

Yes! Most of our classes are intense (in a good way!) yet accessible for beginners. We recommend you start your barre journey with our 30-day Beginning Barre Plan. It helps you gain experience and confidence through alignment tutorials, beginner friendly workouts and embodiment practices.

Nope– you don’t need to purchase props or equipment to participate in most barre eclipse classes! You can either use these household alternatives, or use the filter feature to find classes that only use bodyweight. While light weights, bands and a ball can increase the difficulty of your workouts, they are not required to get an exceptional workout!

It depends! Please check with your healthcare provider to understand what modifications you need before doing Barre Eclipse classes. Most classes on barre eclipse were not made with prenatal/ postnatal needs in mind, so they may not be safe for you. We do hope to add a prenatal/ postnatal series in the near future, as well as a filter that allows you to find safe workouts for you. Please check back for this!

The beautiful thing about barre is that you don’t have to do it very often to see and feel real results. We recommend giving your body space to recover between workouts. When you’re new we suggest taking 1-3 classes that are 20-50 minutes long each week. If you like to move every day and you need a guide, we create a new well-rounded 30-day workout plan every month that combines intense workouts, flows, stretches and recovery days. You can go to the Welcome section at the top of the app to see this month’s calendar!

We encourage you to lean into how you feel after workouts and notice how your daily life benefits from your consistent activity. Immediately after class, your body will feel a satisfying buzz and your mood will lift! After a week of taking 3-4 classes, you’ll noticeably feel stronger and have more endurance. After two weeks of Barre Eclipse workouts, you might start to notice that your body feels and acts in a healthier way— better posture, better balance, less injuries and aches, and less winded during strenuous activity. Some people do experience aesthetic benefits from doing barre, but we encourage you to focus more on how you feel, because that will help you stay motivated, consistent and inspired to workout. 

We release around 100 new classes every year! Every week we release a new 50-minute barre class under the Barre Hour category. We also give you shorter options of the new class (5-min, 10-min and 20-min) under Barre Hour ‘Shorts’ as well.

We release a new 7-day themed series every season, a new 30-day curated workout program every month, and bonus releases —like flows and stretches— throughout the year as well.

Finally, we release goal-oriented 30-day programs periodically throughout the year. like our 30 Day Beginning Barre Plan or our 30 Day Cycle Syncing Program. Basically: we release A LOT of fresh content to give you incredible value and exciting new ways to move your body.

Stay motivated with Barre Eclipse in community! We host a unique live barre class experience every Saturday where we work out face-to-face with people worldwide. We post interactive workout challenges every season, and you can win prizes and challenge yourself or lean into your Eclipse community to stay consistent. Plus, we give you a new 30-day workout plan monthly to optimize your decision fatigue and help you fully utilize the app. Finally, we release new weekly workouts to keep you moving and interact with you frequently on our exclusive community forum! You seriously will find your groove with Barre Eclipse!

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