Squeeze, press, and balance your way to strength and endurance with a timeless 9” Barre Eclipse Core Ball. This small-but-mighty prop can add extra heat or more support to your at-home barre classes. Its anti-burst quality stands up to the most intense workout sessions – so go ahead and lay on it, kneel on it, and squeeze it with all your might! You can TRUST that the Eclipse Core Ball will support your entire body.

This travel-friendly essential prop is easy to deflate, store and take on-the-go. It pairs perfectly with the 30-Day Travel Calendar on our app, too! The Eclipse Core Ball isn’t just an accessory, it’s a tangible reminder of your dedication to a lifestyle of nourishing, low-impact movement that is fiery yet supportive, both on and off the mat.

•9" anti-slip, anti-burst rubber ball
•Includes a barre eclipse hand-pump
•Travel-friendly, easy to inflate and deflate

$20 USD + tax & shipping